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以下是翻译。 中国式的学习风格 霍华德•加德纳 1987年春,我和妻子埃伦带着我们18个月的儿子本杰明在繁忙的中国东部城市南京住了一个月,同时考察中国幼儿园和小学的艺术教育情况。然而,我和埃伦获得的有关中蓁教育观念差异的最难忘的体





答:第六单元 卡罗琳土耳其人式的职业传统上一直由男性主导。在这篇文章中,她谈到了她如何赶上这个行业,并通过她的成功表明,男人能学到的东西可以由女人来完成。 我小时候卧室里的东西都是粉红色的。我有两个姐姐,我们有一个微型厨房,一组五颜...



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答:以下是翻译。 中国式的学习风格 霍华德•加德纳 1987年春,我和妻子埃伦带着我们18个月的儿子本杰明在繁忙的中国东部城市南京住了一个月,同时考察中国幼儿园和小学的艺术教育情况。然而,我和埃伦获得的有关中蓁教育观念差异的最难忘的体...





我给你一个网址,http://www.kekenet.com/,这2113是一个很全的网站,我就是5261再它的伴4102随下考过46级的,加油了!!1653里面绝对有你要的,第一单元1. charge 2. convention 3. efficient 4. obtain 5. competent 6. asessing 7. fulfill8. conducting 9. consequently 10. significanceIV.1. behind 2. at 3. in 4.out 5. to 6. to 7.in 8.with 9.but 10. forV.1. L 2. C 3.D 4. N 5. O 6.A 7. E 8.G 9.I 10. KWord BuildingVI.1.commitment 2. attraction 3. appointment 4.impression 5. civilization 6.composition7.confusion 8.congratulation 9.consideration 10.explanation 11. acquisition 12.depressionVII.1.advisable 2.disirable 3.favorable 4. considerable 5. remarkable 6.preferable 7.drinkable 8.acceptableSentence StructureVIII.1.much less can he write English articles2.much less can he manage a big company3.much less could he carry it upstairs4.much less have I spoken to him5.much less to read a lot outside of itIX.1.Having meals at home can cost as little as two or three dollars, whereas eating out at a restaurant is always more expensive.2.We thought she was rather proud,whereas in fact she was just very shy.3.We have never done anything for them, whereas they have done so much for us.4.Natalie prefers to stay for another week, whereas her husband prefers to leave immediately.5.Some praise him highly,whereas others put him down severely.TranslationX.1.She wouldn't take a drink, much less could she stay for dinner.2.He thought I was lying to him,whereas I was telling the truth.3.How do you account for the fact that you have been late every day this week?4.The increase in their profits is due partly to their new market strategy.5.Such measures are likely to result in the improvement of work efficiency.6.We have already poured a lot of time and energy into the project, so we have to carry on.XI.1.我认为2113他不会抢劫,更不用说暴力抢劫了.2.男工5261平均工资每小4102时10美元1653,而女工才每小时7美元.3.自然界的平衡一旦遭到破坏,就会带来很多不可预知的影响.4.期终考试迫在眉睫,你最好多花点时间看书.5.有趣的是,消费者发现越来越难以辨别某些品牌的原产国.其部分原因来自于全球化带来的影响,部分原因是由于产地的变化.6.最近一次调查表明,妇女占总劳动力的40%.ClozeXII.1.C 2.B 3.B 4.A 5.D 6.B 7.C 8.D 9.A 10.C 11.D 12.C 13.C 14.B 15.ASection BComprehension of the TextII.1.D 2.A 3.C 4.D 5.A 6.C 7.B 8.BVocabularyIII.1.utilize 2.reject 3.considerable 4.temporary 5.acceptable6.recognition 7.alleviate 8.appreciate 9.furthermore 10.interactIV.1.interact with 2.gone through 3.deal with 4.recovered with 5.adjusting to6.familiar to 7.In spite of 8.were tired of 9.prevented from 10.came to<EBOOK> plutommi\mmi\eb35 </EBOOK> .txz .pbz第二单元1.promosing 2.amusing 3.lowered 4.persisted 5.rank 6.swear 7.unfair 8.presence 9.frowning 10. approximatelyIV.1.on 2.upon 3.on 4.in 5.by 6.to 7.in 8.of 9.on 10.outV.1.O 2.K 3.D 4.H 5.J 6.E 7.M 8.G 9.B 10.A Word BuildingVI.1.observe - observer:one who observes a person or an event2.ski - skier: one who skis3.visit - visitor:one who visits somebody or some place4.learn - learner:one who learns something5.report - reporter:one who reports on persons or events for a newspaper6.drink - drinker:one who often drinks alcohol,esp. too muchVII.1.tropical 2.musical 3.occasional 4.environmental 5.global 6.dangerous 7.natural 8.central Sentence structureVIII.1.They didn't lose heart despite of lots of frustration.2.Despite the heavy rain,the boys played football in the yard all afternoon.3.I will try my best despite the slim chances of success.4.Despite a thorough search for the escaped prisoner in the mountain,no sign of him was found.5.Despite their increased income,their life became poorer because of the rising prices.IX.1.nor do I think it necessary to do so2.nor would they go to my sister's3.nor do we have her telephone number4.nor would I like to go to work immediately5.nor would I TranslationX.1.Despite the fact that she is the only child in her family, she is never babied by her parents.2.Mike didn't come to the party last night, nor did he call me to give an explanation.3.The person sitting next to him did publish some novels, but he is by no means a great writer.4.He has no interest in football and is indifferent to who wins to loses.5.The manager needs an assistant that he can count on to take care of problems in his absence.6.This is the first time that he has made a speech in the presence of so large an audience. XI.1.尽管那项计划一开始就证明是不切实际的,但是他们还是坚持要实施.2.我无法说服他接受这项计划,也无法使他认识到这项计划的重要性.3.你是怎么把那么多东西塞进这个小行李箱的?4.别人对他怎么看,他全不在意.5.我能否指出你犯了个小错误.6.他母亲让他开车慢一点儿,但是他从不把她的话放在心上.ClozeXII.1.B 2.D 3.B 4.C 5.B 6.C 7.A 8.A 9.B 10.D 11.B 12.D 13.B 14.C 15.DSection BReading skillsI.1.D 2.A 3.A 4.C 5.BComprehension of the TextII. 1.D 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.A 6.C 7.A 8.BVocabularyIII.1.sake 2.sacrificed 3.crack 4.pursuing 5.explosive 6.overcome 7.indicated 8.opponents 9.stripped 10.deniedIV.1.Natasha made herself stand out in the group interview by acting as the leader in her group. 2.To be successful,you need a careful plan,good luck,help at the right time,and above all,hard work.3.They are not doing this to gain recognition or money;they are doing this for the sake of society.4.It was actually what he said rather than what he did that made me sad.5.Once my mother sets her mind on something,it will be very hard to stop her.6.Years of research had set the stage for their success in their field.7.Local people are used to the phenomenon,so they are not surprised at all.8.Today at this meeting we are going to focus on the question of air pollution.9.He never expected that his best friend would charge him with cheating in the exam.10.His parents were so strict with him in his studies that he had little time to participate in any activities outside of class.第三单元VocabularyIII.1.mutual 2.illusion 3.canceled 4.overlooked 5.proceeded 6.resolve 7.prejudice8.compromise 9.confirm 10.subsequentlyIV.1.having nothing to do with 2.taking care of 3.met with 4.on the surface5.work out 6.incompatible with 7.ups and downs 8.learned of9.indication of 10.all alongV.1.M 2.L 3.F 4.D 5.H 6.O 7.A 8.C 9.I 10.KWord BuildingVI.1.shopping 2.feeling 3.storage 4.cooking 5.ending 6.beginning 7.gathering 8.removal 9.arrival 10.passage 11.writing 12.marriageVII.1.relationship 2.citizenship 3.leadership 4.membership 5.boyhood 6.livelihood7.brotherhood 8.authorship 9.adulthood 10.neighborhood 11.wisdom 12.ownershipSentence structureVIII.1.It is never too bad for us to do something about the situation.2.One is never too old to learn.3.It is never too late for you to put a stop to this madness.4.It is never too late for you to mend your ways.5.His income was never too small to support his family.IX.1.My best friend,Anna,was here last night.2.The company manager,Mr. Madison,gathered his staff and announced the decision.3.You should have seen an ophthalmologist, an eye doctor.4.He sent for the accountant,the most experienced person in accounting.5."Leave it to me," said David,the man on night duty.TranslationX.1.You are never too experienced to learn new techniques.2.There remains one problem,namely,who should be sent to head the research there.3.Their relationship did meet with some difficulty at the beginning because of cultural differences.4.Though he has had ups and downs,I believed all along that he would succeed someday.5.I have some reservations about the truth of your claim.6.She isn't particularly tall,but her slim figure gives an illusion of height.本回答被网友采纳,782367305@qq.com,这个我不太清楚 网上应该可以搜到,你留个邮箱我发过去吧,很详细,每个单元都有!内容来自www.aiyanqing.com请勿采集。